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A new cell culture reactor for medical, biotechnological and pharmaceutical uses

Medorex fluid-bed-bioreactor offers excellent and varied possibilities for the cultivation of functioning tissue and adherent cells which need a carrier material for her growth. The fluid-bed bioreactor can be used in the medical research, e.g., in the cultivation of the functioning liver cells, cartilages and flat skin cells. Moreover it can be used in environment protection and pharmaceutical research and development.

The function of medorex fluid-bed bioreactors

In the medical field are removed by biopsy some functional body's cells and cultivated in a culture bottle with specific medium. These cells are transmitted on the special carrier pads of degradable polymers, porous ceramics or fleece in the multi-well flow chamber. The cells are cultivaed until tissue cultures are grown with the corresponding properties. The developed tissue cultures can be removed enzymatic and processed. The tissue cultivation process is carried out in an incubator at the optimum temperature. The needed medium for the tissue cultivation is prepared outside of the chamber with the nutrients which are necessary for the growth of the cells. The nutritious medium is pumped by a peristaltic pump continuous and slowly to the cells in the fluid-bed chamber. The spent medium is removed by means of a pump from the chamber. The aeration of the cells occurs directly by means of convection. In this way, the tissues cells are optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients and can grow continue. The fluid-bed bioreactor can be used also in production of the eukaryotic proteins, monoclonal antibodies and other cell contents substances of pharmaceutical research. In addition, they find their use with the help of special bacteria in the preliminary examinations and tests of the biotechnology, e.g. at the reduction of pollutions in the wastewater or in the ground.


Bioreactors medorex stirred, Air-lift fermentors and Fluidized-bed bioreactors help you to realize your plans successful!

Product range of medorex bioreactors

Measurement and control Technology

Measurement and control Technology

Measurement and control technology, autoclavable probes, sampling system and pH-measurement for the use in the laboratories of medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.

medorex solution for measurement and control technology

Media autoclave

Media autoclave

medoclav - a compact media-autoclave with 7 liters working-volumes and integrated stirring-system for the sterilization of nursing-media under high pressure.

"medoClav" an user friendly media autoclave for the cell cultivation and preparation

Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic Pumps

The new peristaltic pump generation with an extremely easy tube change. Microprocessor controlled, with a large functional diversity for all applications in analytics, biotechnology, medicine.

User friendly pumps of medorex

Product Video

Product Video

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