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medorex – Your Bioreactor Manufacturers in Lower Saxony

  • Stirred bioreactors
  • Fixed-bed bioreactors
  • PH, oxygen and temperature probes
  • Control systems for bioreactors


Bioreactors Our stirred, Air-lift fermentors and Fluidized-bed bioreactors help you to realize your plans successfully!

medorex bioreactors


At this page you will find an overview of all medorex bioreactors PDF documents.

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medorex is a small innovative company, founded in 2004 near the university town of Göttingen

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The colorful leaves float through the wind,
weightless, loose and quick.
The sun shines with the last power,
reveals the velvety splendor of the light.
The moon shines soft and light,
dispels the darkness by gentle brightness.
It goes on to the wonderful autumn,
the nature goes slowly towards the calm.
We wish each whether old or young,
beautiful autumn days and in heart sunshine.

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