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medoClav for media preparation in cell cultivation

medoClav for cell cultivation and media preparation

"medoClav"is a small media autoclave with 7L working volume, up to 143°C adjustable temperatures and integrated stirring system for the sterilization of media under 1 up to 3 bars of pressure.

The stirrer of medoClav provides a homogeneous mixing and optimal sterilization of the media under predefined conditions.

The media autoclave has free adjustable temperatures up to 143°C.

medoClav inetgrierte temperature probe and switchable work temperature from 60° C make possible a direct and sterile filling of the media by a sample valve.

medoClav can be equipped with our dosage pumps for semi automated and sterile filling of Petri-dishes and culture bottles. The autoclave is suitable for:


    Bioreactors medorex stirred, Air-lift fermentors and Fluidized-bed bioreactors help you to realize your plans successful!

    Product range of medorex bioreactors

    Measurement and control Technology

    Measurement and control Technology

    Measurement and control technology, autoclavable probes, sampling system and pH-measurement for the use in the laboratories of medicine, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industry.

    medorex solution for measurement and control technology

    Media autoclave

    Media autoclave

    medoclav - a compact media-autoclave with 7 liters working-volumes and integrated stirring-system for the sterilization of nursing-media under high pressure.

    "medoClav" an user friendly media autoclave for the cell cultivation and preparation

    Peristaltic Pumps

    Peristaltic Pumps

    The new peristaltic pump generation with an extremely easy tube change. Microprocessor controlled, with a large functional diversity for all applications in analytics, biotechnology, medicine.

    User friendly pumps of medorex

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    Product Video

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